The Revolution has begun…

SpinArc® welding torches create a superior welding experience through the use of a high speed rotating welding arc.

This unique rotating arc welding process enables welding all metals in any position. This can be achieved by using solid or metal-cored wires in spray transfer or pulse modes. The stirring action results in cleaner welds with enhanced properties. Narrow groove welding is made possible with this process and often requires little or no beveling.

Weld Revolution’s patented designs create a unique rotational movement that maximizes the effect of this process allowing for high versatility. This technology is delivered through our state-of-the-art welding torches. Our open architecture design allows for maximum flexibility and control over needed arc performance, whether it’s a narrow hard driving arc for root pass welding or a soft floating arc for cladding operations, we can deliver it.

SpinArc® Facts

Rotating arc welding was originally developed to improve the cleanliness of the molten weld pool by mechanical rotation of the arc. Over time, many other benefits have been realized, as the process has evolved to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Reduced Edge Prep Time
Increased Productivity
All Position Welding - No oscillation needed
All Welding Alloys - Solid & Metal Cored Wires
Enhanced Quality

Key Features & Benefits

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