About Us

Weld Revolution is an innovative and growing company based in Spring, Texas.  Our mission is to help fabricators, manufacturers and contractors solve problems and significantly improve welding productivity using our SpinArc® welding technology.

Weld Revolution was founded in 2012.  In 2014, they created a R&D group to develop their current product line.  In 2016, Weld Revolution launched its first product, a mechanized SpinArc welding torch and controls.  Since then, Weld Revolution has grown and now has customers in over 20 countries and is working on several additional products.

Today, their products are providing significant productivity gains for many industrial customers, including those in shipbuilding, oil & gas, automotive, rail cars, heavy equipment, pipe and pressure vessel shops, tank fabrication, cladding, structural and in many other industries.

Weld RevolutionAbout Us