MA-400-DM SpinArc MIG Torch

The MA-400-DM is a direct mount variation of the MA-400 mechanized SpinArc® MIG welding torch. Designed for custom integration with existing automation equipment via a Tweco #4 style power pin.

  • Tool-free spin diameter adjustment
  • Light weight
  • Ideal for integration with existing automation
  • Live RPM feedback
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • High Quality Consumables
Amperage 400 Amps at 100% Duty Cycle with 80/20 Ar/CO2
Welding Wire 0.035-1/16″ (0.9-1.6mm) – Solid, Metal Core, Flux Core
Processes GMAW, GMAW-P, FCAW
Ratings CE, RoHS, IEC 60974-7
SpinArc® RPM 400-5500
SpinArc® 1-8mm
Spin Delay 0-5 Seconds
Contact Tips Part Number
Heavy Duty Contact Tip 0.035″ 140.0217
Heavy Duty Contact Tip 0.040″ 140.0316
Heavy Duty Contact Tip 0.045″ 140.0445
Heavy Duty Contact Tip 0.052″ 140.0536
Heavy Duty Contact Tip 0.062″ 140.0590
Gas Nozzles Part Number
Standard Gas Nozzle 0.75″ Bore 145.D381
Power Pins Part Number
Tweco #4 1105
SpinArc® Consumables Part Number
1.120″ SpinArc® Flexure 1032
Vincent VelardeMA-400-DM SpinArc MIG Torch