MA-400 Machine Torch

Weld Revolution products easily integrate into standard welding machine equipment. The SpinArc® torch has input controls and feedback. Check below for more in-depth descriptions of each feature.
  • Allows for spray-like transfer welding in all positions
  • Increases out-of-position welding deposition rates & quality
  • Creates excellent fillet welds
  • Easy to hand weld with
  • Distributes the arc-force evenly throughout the joint
  • Evenly distributes heat input throughout the weld puddle
  • Requires for little to no bevel
  • Increases travel speed ability
  • Allows for butt weld joining with little to no bevel
  • Allows for narrow gap welding
  • High deposition rates in all welding positions
  • Stable arc and clean welds
  • Aids in welding sluggish nickel-based and stainless alloys
  • Excellent sidewall fusion
  • Highly reliable design
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Requires no lubrication
  • Allows for puddle size control dependent upon joint design and application.
  • Increases/decreases surface tension
  • Maximizes process effectiveness for varying joint designs and position of welding
    • Control puddle size
    • Produce a narrow, driving arc for root pass welding to a soft floating arc for cladding
    • Improves gap bridging capabilities
    • Weld different material thicknesses
    • Produces good wetting action with smooth bead profiles
    • Smooth stable rotating arc
    • Results in smooth bead appearance
    • Easily used with pulse spray
    • Distributes the arc-force more evenly throughout the joint
    • Allows for welding of “sluggish” materials
    • Optimizes dilution rates throughout the weld
    • Improved sidewall fusion
    • Virtually eliminates sidewall non-fusion defects
    • Welding can be accomplished with any CV welding power source and standard wire feeder
    • Modern pulse welding power sources can also be used
    • Run off of engine drive welders with CV capability
    • Reduces residual stresses
    • Reduction or elimination of welding bevels
    • Fast root passes
    • Open gap or with backing
    MA-400 SpinArc® Machine Torch, 300 Amp Air-Cooled | 400 Amp Water-Cooled

    • 300A @ 100% Duty Cycle with 80/20 Ar/CO2
    • 400A @ 100% Duty Cycle, with the Optional Water-Cooled Nozzle,  80/20 Ar/CO2
    • Meets CE
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Rating based on tests that comply with IEC 60974-7 standards
    • Wire sizes: 0.035 – 1/16” (0.9 – 1.6 mm)
    • Plug ‘n Play to any wire feeder and welding power source
    • Mechanized and Robotic Applications
    • Open architecture design allows for easy integration with automation systems
    • Adjustable spin diameter and speed
    • CC or CCW rotation
    • Spin delay: 0-5 seconds
    • No gears and no lubrication required
    • Torch Head dimensions: 1.75” (44.5 mm) diameter x 12” (304.8 mm) long
    • Available in 6 ft. (1.8 m), 10 ft. (3.0 m) and 15 ft. (4.6 m) cable lengths
    • Any cable length between 3 – 15 ft. (1 – 4.6 m) available by special order
    • Optional Hand Welding Kit
    • Control Box Mounting Kit
    • Abicor Binzel or Tregaskiss Consumables
    • Water-Cooled Nozzle (Optional)
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    Recommended Options:

    • Hand Welding Kit
    • Control Box Bump Guard
    • Control Box Mounting Kit
    • Robotic Interface Control Box
    Weld RevolutionMA-400 Machine Torch