Water Cooled Nozzle

MA-400 Water Cooled Nozzle
Designed as an upgrade for use in high production or high amperage situations, this water cooled nozzle significantly reduces the operating temperature of the MA-400 mechanized SpinArc® welding torch. The increased bore size provides additional shielding for cladding and hard facing applications.

  • Large 15/16″ Bore
  • Easy Installation
  • Replaceable Threaded End Nozzle
Water Cooled Nozzle Assembly* 979.0049.1
Large Bore Lower Cap 979.0058.1
15/16″ Bore Replaceable Nozzle** 979.0054.1

* Requires part 979.0058.1
** Included with part 979.0049.1

Vincent VelardeWater Cooled Nozzle