Is SpinArc Inherently Faster?

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The short answer is “Yes!” SpinArc has a variety of benefits that make it faster than alternative, conventional, welding torches. We’ve already covered many of these benefits, but there’s actually another reason that SpinArc is faster. There’s a unique, and less intuitive, reason that SpinArc technology is able to achieve faster travel speeds and better deposition rates than conventional welding …

Vincent VelardeIs SpinArc Inherently Faster?

Beat the Heat with SpinArc

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Everyone in the welding industry knows that heat input can be an important topic. Along with temperature distribution, it is one of the major factors in determining weld penetration, post-weld distortion, and the development of grain structures. Anything that provides better control over these variables has the potential to achieve huge benefits in a wide variety of welding applications. It …

Vincent VelardeBeat the Heat with SpinArc

SpinArc: What’s the Point?

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Whether you’ve been “under the hood” yourself or just seen the videos online, Weld Revolution’s SpinArc technology has an undeniable “cool” factor. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, head over to the YouTube channel (or click the links at the bottom of this article) and take a look! But the important questions come after that initial “Whoa! You …

Vincent VelardeSpinArc: What’s the Point?